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A Live Soundscape for Solo Guitar


With this EP, I wanted to capture the immediacy of a single performance. The kind of "looping" I do isn't technically looping as you often see it today. What I am actually doing is using long delays instead of a device that repeats a section of music. I am using three digital delay units, one of which gives me 7.6 seconds of delay and two that give me 3.6 seconds. This limitation forces me to have to concentrate on creating a musical environment that is inherently temporary. The sound will eventually fade out and disappear before too long; therefore, I have to keep adding new melodies, chords, and thematic material that works with what was played previously and which influences what will come later. The piece is completely improvised. When I sit down and begin to play, I have no preconceived ideas. What comes out is spontaneous and unique to that moment in time.


I called the first of these improvisations "One Night" because it, like time itself, never repeat itself. This is a snapshot of a performance on June 26, 2019. The second cut, "One Day,"  is a structured improvisation with several overdubbed tracks. Encouraged by the results of the first two long-form improvisations, I attempted something I had never done before. I recorded an improvisation that I determined would last for one full hour. This was a great effort of meditative concentration. I was pleased with the results. I hope you will too. 

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