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"A pure, emotionally stirring experience." 
Anchorage Daily News

"Orion Ascending" review by

The Anchorage Press


"Utilizing everything from a Guild D-412 12-string acoustic to a Roland G-707 synthesizer guitar, and nothing but his finger dexterity and ingenuity, Greg created a one-guitarist wonder: Orion Ascending. 

"Like the title entails, Orion Ascending begins with a selection of ground roots, acoustic fingerstyle guitar numbers, and then, as the CD progresses, elevates to ethereal, electric guitar journeys. The stream of consciousness remains steady, and soon the entire CD begins to transform into one enormous symphonic piece filled with small movements instead of being a string of separate songs. 

"As a package, Orion Ascending is a refreshing alternative for the ever growing local music catalog, and a rare treat for guitar aficionados everywhere." (Anchorage Press, Nov 95)


"Orion Ascending" review from

New Age Voice Magazine


"Orion Ascending by Greg West opens with gentle acoustic guitar picking with an introspective sort of feel, aptly titled "Inside Passage."  On cuts like "Instant Ambrosia" tabla player Patrick Mundy accompanies him on the faster paced licks.and the two musicians seem well-matched. By the time we tune into "Eagle," we find another aspect of West's playing, with the guitar drifting into space music.  For the listener who likes innovative guitar styles and melodies that seem to glow in the dark.  A good pick."

"Orion Ascending" review from

Radio New Region, Russia


"Tasteful and very well done indeed."

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